The Fightin Few MC is a military-formed organization born in the shadows of hostile conflict while in defense of our brothers in arms. We hold true the bonds of Brotherhood created in the Armed Forces, and in defense of this Great Nation. We strive to hold true to the principles of freedom and democracy while projecting a respectful and honorable image. The FFMC focuses on the support of military personnel, their families both past and present, and the communities they live in. The FFMC is an independent non 1% club that holds no allegiance to any other club and claims no territory.  We crave the pursuit of happiness, our way of life, and the open road. MANY FIGHT - FEW WIN The Fightin Few patch set and all graphics and images associated with The Fightin Few Motorcycle Club is the sole property of The Fightin Few Motorcycle Club and protected by copyright.  Any reproduction or distribution of said property is strictly prohibited, and prosectution will be sought against any and every offender.  Ignore this notice at your own risk. Like us on Facebook